December 7, 2021

8 Signs You Should Talk to an Immigration Lawyer

The immigration process can be complicated, throwing a number of different steps and challenges at you. There's so much to learn that the process can seem completely overwhelming in some cases. The good news is that you don't have to go through this challenge alone. An experienced immigration lawyer can help you navigate the complex legal landscape that surrounds immigration to get you the results that you're looking for.

Unsure if you can benefit from the services that a lawyer specialized in the immigration field can provide? Here are some signs and situations that give you a clear indication that a lawyer's expertise would be useful for you. Make sure you're getting the help you need if you are faced with any circumstances described below.

8 Signs You Should Talk to an Immigration Lawyer

1. Your Visa or Green Card Application Has Been Denied

One of the more common processes that you may need help with the immigration process is your visa or green card application. There are a number of reasons your application for either may have been denied, including information that was missing from your application or if there is further information required on top of what was already provided. In any case, the denial may not be permanent.

Our team can assist you with your application to ensure that all of the information required is provided. Our familiarity with this step in the process is a resource that can help you out as well, as we're familiar with all of the common roadblocks that may come up regarding visas or green cards. We'll work at your side to give your application the best possible chance of success.

2. You Have Overstayed the Time Allotted by Your Visa

Perhaps you have been granted a visa, but are running close to or have gone over the date you have been allowed to remain in the country. Taking action at this point is vital to ensuring that you're able to continue with your current plans. Having the certainty of what steps to take next that a lawyer trained in immigration law provides can be vital to your success.

One solution to such an issue may be to seek a visa waiver for your overstay. This legal procedure can provide you with some extra time to make other, more permanent arrangements. A lawyer can also tell you of any consequences you may have to deal with, as well. Overstaying by a few days with a waiver, for example, will come with fewer penalties than overstaying by several years with no waiver.

3. You Aren't Sure Which Visa Is Right for You

There are many different types of visas out there that give you permission to stay in the country. If you are unsure which type of visa to pursue for your unique circumstances, this is another area that an experienced lawyer can lend assistance in.

Some examples of different types of visas include visas for educational or study purposes. You may also be eligible for a visa for certain types of experience in skilled work or if you are a business owner. Work with your lawyer to find the best solution for your unique case.

4. You've Been Served with a Deportation Order

Perhaps the most alarming immigration issue that one can run into is receiving an order of deportation. This often frightening warning can represent a disruption to the life you've grown used to in the country you've moved your life to. The good news is that there are still steps to take to preserve your legal status in the country even at this point.

Every person who has received a deportation order has the right to challenge such a decision in a court of law. To maximize the chance of the success of your appeal, it's important to have an experienced lawyer who is familiar with the ins and outs of every step of the appeals process on your side.

5. You've Been Told That You're Inadmissible

It is possible that you may have been told that you are not legally allowed within the United States. This information may have been provided to you before you ever reached the US border, or you may have been told this after you've already reached the country. In either case, there are opportunities for an immigration lawyer to provide some help to get you admitted into the country.

In some cases, inadmissibility may be due to something as simple as incorrect information on your file with immigration services. There are other cases where inadmissibility may be able to be reversed, as well. A lawyer can review the decision made on your case and help to correct anything holding back your admissibility.

6. Your Case Requires More Evidence Than a Normal Application

In the best-case scenario, immigration is a simple process that requires a minimal amount of administrative effort. However, every immigration situation is unique, and there are times where extra effort or paperwork may be required. An immigration lawyer can help work out the complexities of these more complicated cases to ensure that your case goes through without an issue.

One type of immigration case that may require providing some additional evidence would be someone intending to immigrate with a CR-1 visa for spouses. This may require evidence of a bona fide relationship between the two spouses, as well as documentation such as a wedding certificate or other civil or financial documents. In order to build the strongest case possible, work with your lawyer to gather the necessary evidence before your day in court.

7. You're Looking to Save Time and Stress

Because of the administrative requirements and vast amounts of paperwork involved in immigration, the simple fact is that most people don't have the time or energy to devote to get the process done thoroughly on their own. You have a busy life with other demands outside of the immigration process, and those needs won't simply go away while you're handling your immigration case.

While you likely could figure out all the intricacies of handling your case on your own, the amount of time and effort involved in doing so would be immense. That's why so many people choose to hire a trusted lawyer to assist with their immigration case. By letting us take over the hard and tedious work involved with seeing your case through every step of the process, you'll be able to focus your efforts on other aspects of your life.

8. You Feel Overwhelmed by the Immigration Process

When faced with the immense amount of work that goes into completing your immigration case, it's easy to feel overwhelmed or even helpless. After all, most people who deal with this sort of case are not going to be well-versed in the legal processes involved in successfully immigrating. If you feel like you've run into an insurmountable challenge during any step of immigration, get the expertise you need on your side by hiring an immigration lawyer.

Looking for the benefits that an experienced lawyer can lend to your immigration case? Contact the Thomas K McKnight Law Office today to receive a free consultation and the professional assistance you need for any immigration issues.

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