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Thomas Kerns McKnight, LLP is a consumer rights and advocacy law firm that focuses on personal finances and the available options to help consumers navigate these difficult financial times.

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When you engage the services of Thomas K. McKnight, you join a team of steadfast professionals working diligently and passionately to resolve your outstanding debts with a constant focus on your future financial ambitions.

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For immediate assistance in a bankruptcy proceeding or debt dispute, or in any of the firm's primary practice areas, contact Thomas Kerns McKnight LLP for a free initial consultation with no obligation.

Understand Your Options With Our Bankruptcy Service In Santa Ana

There are many different reasons that people in Santa Ana may find themselves struggling with financial challenges. The professionals at the Thomas K. McKnight Law Office are here to provide you with support in determining the best solution for your debt problems.

We also offer legal services for those facing unwanted phone calls from creditors, people seeking bankruptcy protection, or individuals looking for Student Loan Solutions.

Working with Our Lawyers

It is not uncommon for our clients to assume they need our bankruptcy service, only to find our debt settlement lawyer can provide different solutions for managing their debt. We can work with clients to stop or prevent wage garnishment, manage debt negotiation with creditors, and provide student loan solutions that allow you to use bankruptcy alternatives to manage your debt.

We also ensure any attempts at collection are following the Fair Debt Collections Act and offer solutions for debt consolidation for qualifying clients. Our goal is to help our clients use the best debt resolution strategy, which is not always bankruptcy. However, should Chapter 7 bankruptcy be the best option, our bankruptcy attorney in Santa Ana will represent your best interests throughout the process.

Additional Services

In addition to offering our clients bankruptcy protection, the lawyers at Thomas K. McKnight Law Office also provide services for immigration and violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. If you need to speak to an immigration lawyer, or have questions on bankruptcy alternatives or student loan solutions, call us today at 800.466.7507 to speak to an attorney.

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As for lawyers, it's more fun to play one than to be one

At the Law Offices of Thomas Kerns McKnight, we appreciate how difficult it can be to seek professional assistance with your personal finances. Every day, our financial circumstances have a dramatic impact on our families, our jobs, and our personal well-being.

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Lawyers spend a great deal of their time shoveling smoke

There is no substitute for sound legal advice. Unfortunately, many of the groups that claim in advertisements to be able to offer incredible debt relief results have no legal expertise and cannot help you. Debt is unique to the individual and should be treated as such.

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Ramon Chavez

They helped me with my credit card debt. I was able to consolidate my debt. Thank you so much. Highly recommend. 10/10 service.

Richard Krauss

My experience with Thomas Kerns McKnight law offices was excellent. I very much appreciate the knowledge and support  I received through my case.

Aracely Victor

If you understand the program and know that once you graduate from it you will be better off. Paying off debt is not as easy as 1, 2 and 3 and it doesn't happen in a blink of an eye. Knowing this truly helped me be patient throughout the process. I am very thankful for this firm and the agents that I spoke to. I am now debt free and ready for a fresh start.

Christian Rivera

I want to thank Thomas K Mc Knight Law offices for helping me to solve my debts' troubles in a short time. I highly recommend Law offices services if you get in debts' troubles.

Mary T

As an elderly person with limited income, my mom used this firm to handle her credit debt and handle her payments a couple of years ago. Everything went well until the end when my mom had a few concerns and Mr. Ulises was very interested on helping her. He worked with us to clarify her questions, finalize the payments and made everything work out for her. Mr. Ulises is definitely very professional and cares about his clients. Thank you to The Law Offices of Thomas Kerns McKnight for the help provided along the way.
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