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Bankruptcy And Bankruptcy Alternatives In Santa Ana

The Thomas K. McKnight Law Office provides individuals in and around the Santa Ana area with a range of legal services to manage issues during immigration, bankruptcy, and bankruptcy alternatives when debt management becomes a challenge.

As an experienced Santa Ana law firm with a practice area including consumer rights and advocacy, our focus on personal finances and bankruptcy alternatives helps clients across 32 states to understand their debt settlement options and choose the option that is right for their situation.

Alternatives to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Many people fear bankruptcy is the only option if they have significant debt issues. At Thomas K. McKnight Law Office, we provide bankruptcy protection, when possible, through debt negotiation with creditors, debt consolidation to pay off balances, or working with our debt settlement lawyer to craft other debt repayment options.

When bankruptcy is the best option, our bankruptcy attorney will walk with you through the process, ensuring you are able to retain what is allowed under the law. Our bankruptcy lawyer will answer your questions and keep you aware of the status of your case as it moves through the system.

Our attorneys are here to assist with student loan solutions or to help address wage garnishment. We are effective advocates for our clients dealing with creditors violating the Fair Debt Collections Act, addressing these issues as part of our bankruptcy service.

Additional Practice Areas

In addition to our full range of bankruptcy service solutions, we also provide assistance for individuals in the immigration process. Our immigration attorney will assist in choosing the correct visa or path to citizenship based on the specifics of your case. As this can be a very complex and difficult process, working with an immigration lawyer is highly recommended.

If you are bothered by calls from telemarketers, robo callers, or debt collectors, our lawyers can assist you if there is a violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. We assist you in knowing what needs to be documented to prove your case and be compensated for your stress and damages.

When you need a proven consumer right and advocacy law firm in Santa Ana, turn to the team at Thomas K. McKnight Law Office. To schedule a consultation call us at 800.466.7507.


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