October 10, 2020

Debt Settlement Process

Your Minimum Credit Card Payments Have Become Overwhelming

  • Call today for a free debt analysis.
  • Your client enrollment specialist will prepare an individualized debt settlement program based on your specific situation.
  • Upon enrollment, our attorneys will immediately issue cease and desist letters to your creditors.

So You Enter Debt Settlement and Make a More Comfortable Deposit Instead

  • The firm establishes an independent bank account in your name.
  • You retain full authority over all of the funds you deposit each month.
  • As you build funds, you create urgency on the part of your creditors to settle.

The Funds You Deposit into Your Account are Used to Make Lump Sum Settlements of Your Debts

  • The team at Thomas K. Mcknight goes to work immediately opening lines of communication with your creditors.
  • We aggressively negotiate reduced balance settlements on your behalf.
  • You authorize us to pay that reduced amount from the funds you've accumulated.

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