June 4, 2022

Immigration Lawyer in Newport Beach

Immigration Attorney

Immigration laws in America can be tough to navigate, whether you're a business seeking to bring in new talent, a foreign worker with a work opportunity in the United States, or just seeking to join relatives already living here. You want an experienced immigration lawyer to assist you through the process to make sure that you don't make simple mistakes that cost time and money or, worse yet, jeopardize your chances of success.

At the Law Offices of Thomas Kerns McKnight, we have experience protecting the rights of people across 32 states. We have built our reputation and our practice on a dedication to personal service and focus. We know that every case is different, so we do not use a "one dimension fits all" method. We'll take the time to learn the unique aspects of your circumstance, as well as your objectives, so that we can tailor our counsel to acquire the result you want.

We believe that the most effective attorney-client relationships are founded on trust and communication. We strive to be available and accessible whenever you need to speak with us. At the Law Offices of Thomas Kerns McKnight our immigration lawyers will respond quickly to your phone calls and emails, and we'll immediately inform you of all developments in your immigration case. We'll also ensure that you know your options so that you can make the right choices regarding your future.

Our Immigration Lawyer Will Fight For You!

We work with clients seeking help with a wide variety of immigration cases and situations, including:

  • Employment-based immigration cases-- We will help you with all issues associated with B1/B2 visas, H1B and H2B visas and L visas. We work with business owners and potential immigrant workers.
  • Family-based immigration cases-- We will help you apply for family-based visas, including IR type visas, fiancée visas and family preference or F-type visas.
  • Green cards (Permanent Residence Cards)-- Our lawyers will help you through the process to apply for permanent residency status.
  • Asylum-- We will help protect your rights if you are seeking asylum in the United States because of persecution in your home country based on race, nationality, religious beliefs, political affiliations or membership in a particular social group.
  • Citizenship-- We will guide you through the steps to secure the legal rights granted to an American citizen.
  • Deportation and removal proceedings-- Our attorneys will aggressively protect your rights if the government or its agencies wrongfully seek to deport or remove you from the country.

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Get in touch with our office online or call us at 1-( 800) 466-7507 to arrange a free consultation with an experienced immigration attorney to discuss your immigration status and for assistance navigating through the immigration process.

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