August 9, 2022

Wage Garnishment in Los Angeles, CA

Wage Garnishment

You work hard for your wages. Yet the money you earn to take care of yourself and your family can be taken away if you owe unpaid debts. In California, certain creditors can garnish your wages, requiring your employer to take a large chunk of your paycheck and put it directly into the hands of those creditors. When that happens, your ability to support your loved ones is threatened, making an already challenging financial situation even worse, as you fall even more behind in your obligations.

If you are threatened with or living under the debilitating burden of a wage garnishment, there is hope. At The Law Offices of Thomas K. McKnight, we know the stress, anxiety, and challenges that follow a wage garnishment. Fiercely committed to the well-being of our Southern California clients and their families, we use our experience and persistence to resolve and remove wage garnishments and position clients for brighter futures.

Who Can Garnish Your Wages?

A wage garnishment is an order from a court or a government agency sent to your employer requiring them to withhold a certain amount from every paycheck and send those funds directly to your creditor. However, California legislation puts limits on who can garnish your wages and how much can be drawn from each paycheck.

If you owe child support or spousal maintenance, up to half of your disposable income (the amount you receive after your employer pays applicable taxes) can be garnished to fulfill those responsibilities. For student loans, as much as 15 percent of your disposable income from each paycheck can be diverted to the lender. The amount that can be garnished for unpaid taxes can range depending on a number of factors, and numerous garnishments can decrease your income even more.

We Can Help Relieve the Burden of a Wage Garnishment

Fortunately, California legislation prevents companies from terminating an employee because of a wage garnishment. But that does not make life easier if your take-home pay no longer meets your needs and responsibilities.

If you are dealing with a wage garnishment or have other issues associated with overwhelming debt, we are ready to help you. Please call The Law Offices of Thomas K. McKnight today at 1-(800) 466 - 7507 to prepare a free initial consultation. We look forward to helping you.

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