March 13, 2023

Credit Card Debt Lawyer in Tustin, CA

Credit Card Debt Lawyer 

If you are having issues with paying your credit card bills and you're finding that your debt keeps growing, our credit card debt lawyers at Thomas K. McKnight may have a resolution for you. Our lawyers have years of experience handling debt negotiation and credit card problems, and can devise methods to improve your particular debt problems before they become worse.

Know that you are not alone. We have assisted many people just like you find a solution to resolve their credit card debts, whether it is with bankruptcy or a non-bankruptcy option.

Bankruptcy Can Erase Credit Card Debts

Bankruptcy may be a solution. When you declare bankruptcy, it can be through Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13. The advantages are that when filing a Chapter 7, you have the ability to have all of your debts cleared up from your account immediately. While the process itself may take a few months, you will not need to worry about paying unsecured debts back and this can help you to get a clean slate in life.

Worried about your credit report, or worried that a judgment will wind up looking badly on your record because it may result in a wage garnishment? Our attorneys concentrate on debt settlements and can help to set up a plan with your creditors or file for bankruptcy to immediately cease all harassing calls as well as any garnishments trying to take money out of your account.

Debt Negotiation to Settle Credit Card Debt

Sometimes people are hit with a very large health scare and following that they receive a ton of medical bills. While they attempt to balance out the bills, they're not able to pay other bills in a timely manner. If you need more time to make payments with your credit card debt, we can also help you develop the negotiations in regards to a trust-- that way, you can deposit money into the account to make payment and we can send them on your behalf. As this will help to reach a settlement in a quicker manner, you don't have to stress over harassing calls coming to you. To establish any of these options or to ask us questions as they relate to you, and to set up your free consultation, contact us today.

For more information about a Credit Card Debt Lawyer in Tustin, California, contact Thomas K. McKnight LLP at (800) 466-7507 or visit our website at TKMLLP.Com for a free consultation! 

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